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My article on Canadians in the Spanish Civil War is linked on (this sites) side page: ‘Insurgent 30’s: On-to-Ottawa, Regina Riot, & Spanish Civil War’

this poem was written for a play, and is in unity with the billion other poems made in avenging memory of the Spanish Civil War

Partisans of half grey smoke –

fascist bound in clouds gathering terror;

rest now, the war is silent.

War of granite, bullet rock eaters –

decimative front of felled forests,

trenches warm of rotten milk and flares exhaust.

Dragons, fascist beasts, scales glimmering dead catfish

ripped your eyes out,

held them-two emeralds

and grinded them to nuclear dust (-)


Broken nails devour scale by scale;

a violent explosion of mass rejoice in blood ceremony’s of peace –

beats lying twitching in the catacombs of babylon burnin’;

we dance with mouths of ash, teeth grown down to doom

{chanting spells of ideological imperatives to cleanse fascism’s every particle from

{the solar system so that we might build new spain –

and sleep forever under the banners of our dead.

Quick brother, run for the door

a war of millenniums rages on spainish soil

and its fallen must be brought amber to adorn their death crowns!

Careful as such history is suspect and under surveillance;

break fast from hunger and gorge upon spanish soil –

the caves and bakeries will be ours –

and mourning will fall on all comrades’ hearts

and songs of International loss will be bellowed:

no longer silence a stake deep in our eyes

but, to see the grave threw the flowers.

Burn this desolate prairie of neon dioxide,

smudging deep the cells with sage –

weep soil from wounds universal,

broken sobs snapped back out from sockets –

cast laminations that those that gave all:

forgive our traitorous forfeit.

In this blood and violent calm, rise and meet blocs of mass at banks of beautiful rivers across the ebro;

posted signs in lions tracks read ‘gone to croatan’, trenches broken in the jaws of

{jaguars smile.

Bled over temples stone, conquistadors heart of black ink

and quick burn all villages donning crosses!

Dirt that gives to digging fingers give shells buried shallow above arrowheads to armies risen

{of warhorses and zulu shields;

here we have heard the cry that took centuries to reach us –

here we come in violent sorrow for our compromise

wailing a violence of such tempest, that would reach back and exterminate our ancestry.

I am knuckle and teeth and will take from my dead their gun

and scratch into sandbags: new spain!

A new spain hung with conquistadors, their dogs tongues packed in cortez’s mouth.

A new spain-

take my flesh and give me aim.

mackenzie-papineau battalion (canadian volunteers in spanish civil war)

mackenzie-papineau battalion (canadian volunteers in spanish civil war)


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