camp attacked with agit-prop

images of PNE as a concentration camp (above) plastered everywhere

The PNE, that site of colonial-spectacle and former gulag has been
attacked with agitative-propaganda. (Reproductions of the images used
are below)

As it celebrates its hundred years of ritual circuses, we remember
with rage, its existence as a concentration camp- institutionalized as
such during the mass internment of the 22,000 people stripped down to
bare life and classified as ‘Japanese Enemy Aliens’ in 1942.

Over these (and the preceding) 100 years, the vancouver metropolis has
been a site of war–networked to a constellation of penal colonies and
internment camps–engulfed by a gulag archipelago. Able at destined
States of Emergency to offer-up its institutions as a Camp. Camp: that
space where the State of Emergency becomes the norm.

The PNE was the Biopolitical space of that State of Exception in ’42,
that concentration camp ‘where the horses were, that’s where they put
us;’ that institution that has always been a military operation,
reminds us of the ease in which Empire is able to transcend local
institutions into generalized points of its global assemblage of

Is that not the situation now? In our State of Emergency the oppressed
are concentrated into the DTES-ghetto and interned within the Camps
constructed under the guise of Community Care Facilities. Displaced
and forced into a Camp: the formula of imperial-humanitarian
intervention throughout Empire.

‘But a mass round-up could never happen again,’ say those caught
between the fangs of power, deluded in the emergency imaginary. But
those who form the subjective foundations and the imperial ranks for
the new BC Exclusionary League (a settlers league formed in race/class
war against ‘immigrants’) know better, those citizens who operate as
cops and demand the beast of the State spring into action. Did the
apparatus of Capture not operate as a perfect machine in its mass
incarceration of the G-20 internees? (Whist, conversely- unable to
control the chaos in the streets!)

We know the vulgar accumulation of capital flows symmetrically with
the dissemination of vulgar control. But we do not protest and demand
that the Camps be reformed, rather Fire to the Prisons! is our
position we share with the escapees who fled the escalating States of
Emergency that have become permanent; from the armed maroons of
runaway slaves; from within the Ghosts Dances; along with the hobos
upon commandeered freight trains crashing through the gates of Camp
and hurling ourselves back into the metropolis, returned now as riot.
With the same affinity we communize ourselves as did the anti-fascists
held behind enemy lines; in the spirit of the BC Pen uprisings, we too
implement a ‘new kind of management’; like the Doukhobor’s Sons of
freedom, we return fire with fire, and in that same sense we respond
to every October crisis with one of our own.

We echo the gangari (rebels) of the nisei (born in kanada and without
‘rights’) who in human-strike declared to the cops at the PNE, who
unsuccessfully were to lead them at gun point off to a slave camp,
Ganbarun dazo’ (not without a fight)!

Either the Camp generalizes itself into the Society of the Spectacle
–or it is torn asunder by violent rupture. We choose to both flee and
destroy. We choose to see Empire as the hostis of Command, Empire that
strives with its Camps in States of Emergency to subjectively
transform our forms-of-life into that of bare life- an existence
totally subservient to its sovereign power.

At war with these Camps we are Maroon! We attack these imperial sites,
such as the PNE, not to phantomistically exorcise restless spirits;
but so as to target these institutions for Total Destroy, so that its
ruins might be added to the advancing International’s graveyard of
global Empire!

Command for internment at PNE (formally Hastings Park) are again displayed


Reproductions of these adds depicting capitals exploitation of the ‘crisis’ have been pasted upon billboards and newspaper boxes at the PNE


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